Strange Brew came to life in 1997 and hit the ground running with a compelling combination of music genres. They’ve dazzled party goers in the Northern California East Bay for the past 25+ years with a vast array of styles that include Rick James, Bruno Mars, Earth, Wind & Fire, AC/DC, Metallica, Queen, and more.  Originally a four piece, the addition of female vocalist, saxophonist, guitarist, Shea Arnaudon in 2011, opened up new possibilities. Throw in some Heart, Lizzo, Adele & Lady GaGa, and you have quite a diverse group that will take you on a tour from a rhythmic funk tune, to a hook filled pop song, to a hard and heavy rock beat. Most members are multi-instrumentalists. Each has spent their lives saturated in music since childhood and their list of influences is reflected in the song selection. They have shared the stage with Aerosmith's Stephen Tyler, and even performed at his daughter's wedding. Rap duo N2Deep joined them onstage to perform their 1992 hit, "Back to the Hotel". Strange Brew’s substance, style and spirit on stage keeps the crowd pumped and energetic from beginning to end. Weddings, clubs, reunions, private parties...You name it. This rock solid quintet brings a ground shaking good time to any event, and you will leave wanting more!

Shea Arnaudon ~ Vocals, Saxophone, Guitar, Harmonica

Per family tradition, Shea was enrolled in piano lessons at age 10.  She quickly fell in love with the art of playing music and quickly excelled. Not wanting to settle on one instrument, she also learned to play the alto sax, bass and electric guitar. While the bass and guitar allowed her to explore her love for rock & roll, the piano and saxophone exposed her to classical and jazz. In 1986, she landed herself a position as lead saxophonist in the Bay Area jazz quintet, "Profess". She later earned degrees in music theory and recording. At age 20, she began formal training with one of the Bay Area's finest vocal coaches and 2 years later, started writing, recording and touring with bands, "Clear", "Taboo Guru" and "Sinister Smith". In 2011, Shea joined Strange Brew as a singer, saxophonist, guitarist and sound engineer. "Strange Brew feels like home. I don't have to stick with one style. I can feed my love for all genres."

Alan Brownlee ~ Vocals, guitar, keyboards.

Highly influenced by The Beatles, Alan is a singer, song writer and producer. A self taught guitarist, he took up the instrument at age12. The multi instrumentalist also plays keyboards, bass, drums and percussion. Since 2006, Alan has played with bands all over the San Francisco Bay Area, such as Sweet Haggis, Westbound 80 and Running With Scissorz. When he's not performing with Strange Brew, Alan entertains music lovers with a high energy solo act. "When asked to join Strange Brew, I didn't need to give it a minute of thought. This was the band for me! I hope to be gigging with them for years!"

Bob Carver ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals


As band leader, Bob does most of the booking and has been an original Strange Brew member since its formation in 1997. He studied under guitarst/songwriter/producer, Robert Fripp, founding member of "King Crimson". In 1983, he earned a degree in music theory and has worked as a studio musician and guitar instructor in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the years, Bob has toured with several bands, including Solano County's 1990's hard rockers, "Landshark". Classic rock is his specialty, but he is a fan of many music genres. He enjoys the diversity of style that Strange Brew presents and works hard to make sure the band delivers a professional and high energy performance for every show. "Strange Brew has a very cool and special vibe."

Tim Christmon ~ Drums

Tim has been rockin' the drums since age 12. At 17, he joined an original band based out of San Jose and recorded with Dave Shogren, one of the founding members of the Doobie Brothers. In 1999, he joined "Finding Stella" (voted "Best Bay Area rock band" by Hard Rock Cafe). With influences from all genres of music, he is a perfect fit for the wide variety of music that Strange Brew performs.