Strange Brew is Bob Carver, Shea Arnaudon, Alan Brownlee, Tim Christmon and Kyle Turner. The Vacaville band came to life in 1997 and hit the ground running with a compelling combination of music genres. They’ve dazzled party goers in the Northern California East Bay for the past 20+ years with a vast array of styles that include Rick James, Bruno Mars, Maroon Five, AC/DC, Metallica, Pitbull, and more.  Originally a four piece, the addition of female vocalist, saxophonist, guitarist, Shea Arnaudon in 2011 opened up new possibilities. Throw in some Heart, Joan Jett, Adele and Lady GaGa, and you have quite a diverse group that will take you on a tour from a rhythmic funk tune to a hook filled pop song to a hard and heavy rock beat.


Most members are multi-instrumentalists. Each has spent their lives saturated in music since childhood and their list of influences is reflected in the song selection. Strange Brew’s substance, style and spirit on stage keeps the crowd pumped and energetic from beginning to end. Although their main goal is to get people on the dance floor and keep them there, the music appeals to both listeners and dancers. This rock solid quintet brings a ground shaking good time to any event. Whether you want to tap your toe, bang your head, or bust a move, you will leave wanting more!

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For Bookings:  Call Bob Carver at (707) 631-4063